Het Videopaleis is the second movie by Julian Verkerk (Cinedrama) for which I created the soundtrack. I composed and produced the music for the soundtrack, recorded the on-set sound, and provided some sound design and mixing.
For the soundtrack I loosely drew inspiration from 80's synth-scores and western soundtracks, and created a modern hybrid score in the process. Using brass instruments, synthesizers and electronic drums as my palette. 'Het Videopaleis' is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music and any other major music platform.
"It's the middle of the 80's: time has been on hold for a while in the small video rental store owned by Berend van der Heide. Far out, at the border of the Groninger province, he has his own 'Videopaleis' (Videopalace). Since he was elected 'video rental store manager of the year' in 1977 Berend started retreating himself from the swiftly developing outside world more and more, to the dismay of his headquarters"

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