De Bohemen is a short movie by Julian Verkerk, for which I composed and produced the music together with Bart Bruinsma. The movie is set in the 70's, following a young writer who is working on his next book, when he suddenly finds a adolescent boy, unconscious on the sidewalk. He takes the boy in and a complicated relationship ensues.
To match the atmosphere of the movie, we decided to write for a saxophone quartet, clarinet, flute, rhodes and some drums. The whole score is rooted in 60's/70's jazz, though freely interpreted to create a unique sound for the movie.
For the finale of the movie, we wrote and produced a complete 70's motown-style song; 'Ready When You Are'.
The soundtrack album is available at spotify, apple music, itunes, and many other platforms, the movie is occasionally screened at film festivals (Beste Groninger Film, Cinema Minerva Nooderzon) and will be most likely released on vimeo in the near future.
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