AAN DACHT is a project by Fabian van der Dussen, Sander Roux and Hidde Kramer.
Together we made a visual poem to music of Fabian and Hidde. In the film we worked out our vision to have image and music create a new, non-preexisting story. The beautiful cinematography of Sander brought this vision to life.
The film explores the dynamics between sound and silence, attention, and nature's impact on the psyche. Through effects, use of colour and abstract editing we created a unique universe, where everything is always in flux.
Music (by order of appearance):
- NIET SLAPEN - Fabian van der Dussen 
- IN STASE - Fabian van der Dussen
- ECHOES OF YELLOW AND GREEN (String Quartet) - Hidde Kramer 
- HART (Fabian van der Dussen)

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