When COVID-19 started, I was working on a project for a clarinet trio, formed by Femke van den Bergh & Ruth Mareen, to write a part of a suite, based on l'Histoire du Soldat by Stravinsky.
The concert in May 2020 was canceled, but after the summer, when Femke commissioned me for another piece, we decided to bring that piece and the former program together in a one-time livestream concert, at Studio LOOS. We arranged all production and technical work ourselves, with the assistance of Studio LOOS, and the camera work and visuals of Luca Tornato Serafini. 
I did sound engineering and recording during the concert.
In this concert, two of my pieces were premiered:
- Indruk (Clarinet trio) - also at 24:30 in the video below
- Solétude (Bass Clarinet Solo) - also at 59:06 in the video
Full Performance
Program Notes:
As the movements of 'The Soldiers Tale' relate to different parts of the story, the commissioned works written by Eva Beunk, Hidde Kramer, Tilen Lebar and Kasper De Oude are relating to the work of Stravinsky in a diverse way. Some of them are approaching l'histoire du soldat in a more general way and some of them relate to Stravinsky’s rhythmical style or even his harmonic language. by combining the original suite with the reflections, a rearranged suite is created, reflecting on the original work and putting it in a new context.
Femke van den Bergh (clarinet), Ruth Mareen (violin), and Joel Gester Juaréz (piano) present a mix of new works by composers from the Royal Conservatory of the Hague, and 'The Soldiers Tale' for clarinet trio by Stravinsky. Originally composed for a program in May that didn't go through. Now they bring the premiere of these pieces to LOOS, together with a new piece for solo bass clarinet.
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